From Our Heart to You Home: Our Team's Top Favorite Products & Scents

From Our Heart to You Home: Our Team's Top Favorite Products & Scents

At Heart & Home Fragrance, we pride ourselves on curating an exquisite collection of scents that resonate with you and transform your space into a sanctuary of serenity. Today, we invite you to meet our team and read about their top picks.


Diane S. | Pomegranate & Pepperwood

I’m really enjoying Pomegranate & Pepperwood because it’s unique and unlike anything I’ve purchased. To me, it’s seasonless so it works any time of year because the pomegranate provides a lovely, sweet berry fragrance and the pepperwood gives it a little spicy kick. I love the “sweet and spicy” combo – it’s a perfect mix and pleasant fragrance for me AND my hubby (who can be very picky).

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Patrick C. | Vanilla & White Woods Diffuser

My favorite Bamboo Home Fragrance is the Vanilla & White Woods Diffuser. I have it in my office and it permeates the perfect amount of fragrance…not too much and not too faint – just right! I love walking in every morning as it’s the first thing I notice…a great way to start the day.

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Amy H. | Bamboo & Ginger Lily Diffuser

When I’m stuck indoors in the warm months of the year, I love having a Bamboo & Ginger Lily Diffuser near my desk as it brings the refreshing scent of the great outdoors into my office. It helps keep me balanced and brings a lightness to my office.

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Meghan R. | Patchouli & Guaiac Wood

I love nothing more than opening up the windows during warm spring days and inviting in the fresh smell of the coming season! Our Patchouli & Guaiac Wood fragrance is the perfect embodiment of that feeling with notes of lemon, patchouli, and dewy trees. It provides such a clean and inviting aroma that it makes for the perfect year-round fragrance. You can't go wrong with any of our products in this signature Bamboo Home Fragrance scent. 

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As diverse as our team members' preferences may be, there's one thing we unanimously agree on – the transformative power of fragrance. Join us on this scented journey and discover how our top picks are crafted to elevate your everyday experiences – where every scent tells a story, and every product is designed to touch your heart and home.

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